About the Center


In conjunction with the mission of Bon Secours to provide good help, the mission of the Cullather Center is to help people live the new normal. This important patient inspired definition of quality of life guides us in all our services to brain tumor patients and their families.


Christine Heithoff  serves as a Patient Advocate at the Center.


Mother and Son
Mother and Son

After opening September 24, 2007 at St. Mary’s Hospital, the Cullather Center has provided support and guidance to many families living with a brain tumor diagnosis. The Center evolved from the personal experiences of Jack Cullather who faced the devastation of a brain tumor with not just one family member, but two. In 1992, Jack and his wife Jean lost their son Chris to a brain tumor. In 2003, Jack lost Jean to a brain tumor as well. “I’ve seen personally how tragically a brain tumor affects not only the patient, but the family as well. Whole families are changed because a brain tumor doesn’t just affect a person physically; both the entire mind and body are affected.” It was after these experiences that Mr. Cullather pledged his financial support to open the Center.


  • Peter Alexander, MD
  • Tom and Maribeth Carr
  • Jack Cullather
  • Mark Malkin, MD
  • Anthony and Betsy Markel
  • Kristi and Stokes McCune
  • P. Buckley Moss
  • John Muldowney
  • Leon and Linda Stepanian
  • Mark and Maureen Stepanian
  • Archer Ticer, PT
  • Emily and Roy Woolwine
  • Harold Young, MD
  • Sue Markel in Memoriam 1942-2008