Helping patients and caregivers navigate their cancer journey

The Cullather Center offers services and resources to enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer by providing services, support and resources for all Bon Secours cancer patients and brain tumor patients from any healthcare center.

ways to get involved

Ways to Get Involved

There are many creative and joyful opportunities to get involved.

Healing Space

Wellness Space

In 2019, the family room space was refreshed with a beautiful, modern coastal design.



The Cullather Center offers many ways to support patients, caregivers and loved ones.

Music Therapy
Patient Encounters

“My journey through the maze of cancer treatments has been eased by the team at the Cullather Center, which has provided wonderful relief – physically, mentally, and spiritually. The services of acupuncture, massage, mindfulness, and music therapies have lifted my spirits.”

Ron H.

“The Cullather Center provides a consistent safe space where you can catch your breath, reset, and move forward. It is filled with information, support and services that have been vital to my successful healing. I am eternally grateful to the Cullather family (especially Jack) for the vision and commitment to creating this loving space for us to experience total healing.”

Robin M.

“The treatment of breast cancer patients at Bon Secours includes the most up to date surgical techniques, cutting edge chemotherapy, and state of the art radiation therapy. The Cullather Center provides complimentary resources and services that help to meet the needs of the ‘whole patient’.”

James Pellicane, MD, Breast Surgeon

“I am so thankful for the Cullather Center and the generosity of the Cullather family. I have been able to take advantage of many of the holistic services offered. The acupuncture, massage, meditation, music therapy and yoga have all helped in easing my physical pain and the mental stress of battling recurrent, metastatic ovarian cancer for over 8 years. There is never a doubt about the genuineness of the care and support that you receive. They are good for my soul!”

Sally S.

“I will be forever grateful for The Cullather Center and the resources they provided during my husband’s illness. We truly enjoyed the holistic approach and services provided, such as massage and meditation, not only for the patient, but for the caregiver as well. The support and care we received helped us navigate through a scary and isolating time. They connected us with others and made us realize we weren’t alone.”

Nina A.

“The Cullather Center is a huge help to so many of our cancer patients. These patients are going through a very challenging time. The Cullather Center can help patients navigate what they are going through with greater comfort. By doing so, they are improving lives every day.”

J. Daniel Pennington, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncologist

“For me, a side effect of chemotherapy was neuropathy. It significantly impacted my feet, making it difficult to walk. Through acupuncture with Dr. Jennings, I was able to walk again with far less stiffness and pain. The Cullather Center literally got me back on my feet.”

Keith M.